My dear students and friends.

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that Yoganesh Yoga is closing its doors forever this Friday, Dec 9th. The past couple of years have been very challenging financially. We have not been able to pay our rent lately and now we are being evicted from our beautiful space. I had hoped to make it to the end of the year but unfortunately that is not going to happen. I have spent every dime I own and gone into extreme debt to keep our doors open and now there is no money left. I tried to find someone to buy our studio or partner with me but the debts are just too high.  Three Gyms opened near us which offer yoga, the NYC market is saturated with yoga studios and the past few summers there has been free yoga given by the larger studios.  While that is all well and good for our students, it has totally destroyed small studios like ours who cannot afford to give away our classes for free. The other thing that hurt us was all the daily discounted deals that we did in order to get students in the door. Rent has to be paid as well as paying our wonderful teachers who rely on us for their livelihood and we can’t afford that with discounted classes. Just keep in mind that if you want your local studios to stay open you need to support them.  I will certainly miss all of you and hope that you will continue your yoga practice. I opened this studio over 6 years ago because I wanted to help people live healthier lives and hopefully I have done that in my small way. Please forgive my shortcomings. I did the best I could to stay open but unfortunately, it was not good enough. Thank you for believing in us and letting us bring yoga to your worlds. Au revoir, until we meet again.




YoGanesh YoGa - in the heart of Chelsea

YoGanesh YoGa – in the heart of Chelsea