Neurogenic Yoga Workshop, Friday April 18: The power of tremoring

Neurogenic yoga
Neurogenic Yoga Workshop

Friday April 18, 2014, 6pm-9pm

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Maria Alfaro

Maria Alfaro, Neurogenic Yoga instructor

YoGanesh is delighted to welcome back Maria Alfaro California to conduct her second Neurogenic Yoga – also known as “tremoring” – workshop at YoGanesh. 

So what is tremoring all about? Read the reactions from last year’s co-leader Phil Lynch and the packed house of Ganeshers.

by Phil Lynch, as told to Lynette Chiang

Phil Lynch headshot

Phil Lynch

FROM ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS to seasoned yoga teachers, they were all quivering and shaking … that’s the fascinating experience of Neurogenic Yoga, developed from the work of David Berceli, creator of Trauma Release Exercises (TRE).

Maria, co-creator and long time trainer of Neurogenic Yoga opened the class by explaining its fascinating history and sharing some amazing stories about herself and Berceli.

She then got the class started with centering, breath and concentration, inviting the students to be open to the experience, to not to judge or criticize any actions or feelings that may arise  – and don’t they arise when you’re faced with something strange and new, right? 

The prep consisted of Maria’s special yoga sequence: cobbler’s pose, forward bend,  some cat-cows to warm up the spine, a set of Sun Salutations, and a unique set of standing poses, including a long and challenging Warrior 3.  She managed to keep the class laughing with her jokes and banter. She encouraged us not to strain; to do our best and modify or skip any of the poses at will.

Maria Alfaro Neurogenic Yoga Warrior 3

Good Dogs

Then … bring on the tremoring! First, we lay on our backs  for about a minute with soles of feet together, knees wide and hips lifted. Then a short rest. Then in the same pose, but with back flat on the floor, we lifted our knees  just one-inch from the floor. Hello, nothing happening? Be patient … and then it started. Little twitches, then more pronounced “flapping” motions of the knees. What the … 

She told us that the “tremoring “or quivering is the result of releasing trauma. The trauma arise from your past, at 5 years old, or from five minutes past. The body unravels the tension as it sees fit. About 20 minutes later, we were done and were ready for rest. Everybody was padded up with extra blankets, put their socks back on and settled down to Savasana. After rest and closing salutations, we formed a circle for questions and comments.

Neurogenic Yoga Legs

We were too busy tremoring to take photos so watch this video to see what it’s like.

Maria shows us some variations on the theme ...

Maria shows us some variations on the theme of slow crunches …

Some felt an almost out-of-body experience, some simply felt relaxed, many wanted to know more about exactly what was happening to them (and no doubt went straight to Dr Google). Everyone’s experience was unique and personal experience.

Please feel free to contact her for more information about the work, workshops or trainings at the following websites:

About the workshop

What Ganeshers said:

I find this technique fascinating and very beneficial.”
I want to learn the other exercises David [Berceli] developed.”
“We were giving the tools to heal ourselves—that is quite powerful!”
Time very well spent – it was trippy and amazing.”

And a very detailed reply from Ganesher Amy:

It was my first time at YoGanesh and second time experiencing TRE. I discovered TRE last summer but could not find anyone doing it in the city. I have a Feldenkrais background. I had been looking for ways to help a neck injury from a fall, and was listening to various podcasts one day and heard the speaker talk about TRE and David Berceli. I got his eBook but did not feel comfortable trying it without a human guide present. I reached out to teacher  Joanne Varni in San Jose and we organized a session via Skype. She also sent me a booklet of the exercises. She went through many of the exercises with me and it was a good experience. I loved the contrast of having experienced two such different sessions. I happened to see a Tweet regarding a TRE workshop a few weeks ago that prompted me to just check to see if it was going on anywhere in NYC and I was pleasantly surprised to find your workshop at YoGanesh! I know I need to incorporate more meditation and body work in to my days so I look forward to trying just the one exercise at home. I remember finding it interesting that I was not particularly tired in the exercise positions. Thanks again!

- Amy

Maria Alfaro and Phil Lynch led the first ever Neorugenic Yoga workshop in Manhattan

Maria Alfaro and Phil Lynch led the first ever Neurogenic Yoga workshop in Manhattan


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2 comments on “Neurogenic Yoga Workshop, Friday April 18: The power of tremoring
  1. Katie says:

    Is this really yoga anymore? I teach yoga and incorporate things I’ve learned about other modalities, but I give credit where credit is due. Please don’t call it yoga. Call it what it is.

  2. mark says:

    Maria is an excellent instructor and speaker. She has a great sense of compassion (and humor:) I learned some new applications to augment a yoga practice and relieve stress.

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