YoGear: Gorgeous designer yoga mat available to test now!

Huni Dori Mat - Berry Nadhi - Jasmine Carsky

Ultralight, eco, sanitary and beautiful: is this is the mat of your dreams?

Story and photos by Lynette Chiang
Certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor at YoGanesh

We’re thrilled to be the first New York yoga studio to receive a sample of a beautiful new mat from Hunki Dori. Just look at those patterns!

“I designed these mats to have a few qualities that satisfied my crazy yoga desires,” says entrepreneur and former interior designer Diane Gruenwald. How crazy, Diane?

I wanted a yoga mat with a special tread on the bottom to create a solid foundation; cushy density without weight, be odor-free not on the 10th day, but the day you open the mat for the first time, eco friendly, and have the rich-depth of embossed patterns which mimic what I love about fabrics … and in gorgeous colors!”

Hunki Dori yoga mat  color sampler

Hunki Dori mats come in 2 thicknesses: 4mm (orange or blue) and 6mm (green or purple).

And gorgeous they are: we tested the demo “Mata Hari” model in the studio and two Ganeshers immediately placed an order at the desk. The mat is everything you might look for in a yoga mat – light, grippy, non-toxic, sanitary and most important – rounded corners!

Four colors, two thicknesses and … matches your throw cushions!

Hunki Dori mats come in 4 choices: a 4mm thickness in orange (Mata Hari) or blue (Sweati Bhati), and a 6mm in green (Dirti Tree) or purple (Berri Nadi). You can see the four disinct, fabric-like patterns in the photo above, which seem to echo the background wallpaper on the YoGanesh website. …

Frankly, I could barely tell the difference between the 4mm or the 6mm samples. The 4mm demo was very cushy compared to many of the thinner mats I’ve tested, with the “tortoise shell” pattern providing plenty of traction. Best of all, it rolled up nicely in the anally retentive way I like: fold it in half first, with the upper side in (keeps the side that touched the floor away from the side that touches you) then roll it up.

Yoshio - Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge)

Kapyasana (Monkey Pose): Open heart, stay stillness

Made from eco-friendly TPE

TPE stands for Thermal Plastic Elastomer, recognized as a superior modern material for making yoga mats. Composed of carbon and hydrogen, it has the following advantages:

  • Non-toxic/PVC-free – especially when you’re face down in knees-chest-chin!
  • Latex/natural rubber free Both can be allergens
  • Closed-cell structure It’s not a sweat bucket or haven for bacteria
  • Durable The closed cell structure means it doesn’t “bottom out” on hard floors. A 3mm thick TPE mat is equivalent to a 6mm regular PVC mat
  • Long lasting  The closed cell structure makes it less likely to disintegrate over time
  • Light Weight Who doesn’t want that?
  • Hygienic Because it cleans up easy and doesn’t absorb sweat and saliva
Hunki Dori Mat-Hari mat

The distinctive and grippy Tortoise shell pattern – one of four designs from Hunki Doris

It’s a closed cell mat: not a sweat bucket

Most mats you find at your nearest retailer are the open-cell kind, which absorb moisture and start to smell after a while, no matter how hard you clean them. Because they absorb sweat they provide good traction for  “hot” yoga.  However, they are not as durable and tend to disintegrate after a few uses.

A closed-cell mat does not absorb moisture, making it easy to keep clean and help prevent bacteria and fungal growth. However, if you use it for hot yoga or sweat a lot, you may want to keep a small towel handy (we recommend this anyway) to wipe it down for better traction, or use a full mat towel.

Regardless of what mat you choose, keep it clean. You can make a simple cleaner with a mix of 50/50 water and white vinegar, adding essential oils as you fancy (Organic Authority has some yoga mat cleaner ideas), or you can throw it in the washing machine (but it will take a very long time to hang dry).

You can read a delightfully egg-headed description of the difference between closed and open cell foams here.

And the price is …

$49.99 for the 4mm, and $59.99 for the 6mm plus tax.

What do you think of this mat? Share your thoughts in the comments box below. If you’re interested in seeing this mat, pop by the studio for a bit of a touch feely – ordering one from us helps YoGanesh stay alive and giving!

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One comment on “YoGear: Gorgeous designer yoga mat available to test now!
  1. Dana Wolf says:

    This is a spectacular find! After Jasmine’s class Wednesday night I took a ‘spin’ on this new mat – It has the cushioning and grip of my Jade mat but SOOO much lighter, and the design and color are even more awesome in person. I have been using double mats for extra cushioning, but with this mat I would only need one. Putting in my order tomorrow,

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