Global Ganeshers: Help Jacquelene fight child slavery in Ghana

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Every month we receive inspiring news from Ganeshers out in the world, embarking on selfless projects to help fellow beings and our planet. One of our dedicated Lunchtime Express Ganeshers, Jacquelene Adam, is in Ghana and hopes to write a book about the tragedy of child slavery. Please read about her work, and consider supporting her important project. Namaste! — Norma

Story by Lynette Chiang

As at 5/22/2013, Jacqueline has raised $790 towards her $3200 goal.With just 5 days to go, let’s help her reach her target! Please contribute now.


My name is Jacquelene Adam. was a faithful Ganesher beginning last summer until I was let go from my job in October at a fashion company. I have moved to Ghana but will be coming home for a visit and hope to see you all. I am fundraising for a book I am writing and so very much appreciate your support.

As the sun sets on another scorching hot yet unbelievably fulfilling work day in Ghana it has come to my attention that I will be leaving just shy of 1 month. While I am incredibly excited to see all of your lovely faces I believe there is a slight problem … my job here is not done.


For those of you who do not know, I have been working as a ghost-writer: conducting interviews, researching, transcribing and narrating the heroic and heart-wrenching story of the life of James Kofi Annan.

James was 6 years old when his father sold him into slavery.  He was sent 9 hours away from home to work on Ghana’s Lake Volta. He was forced to work 12 hour days on an empty stomach as the hot sun burned his skin;  his master repeatedly beat him like a herder would beat cattle that disobeyed. At 6 years old he was forced to dive great depths to untangle nets caught on tree stumps in the lake, a task that killed his brother, many of his friends and continues to kill children every single day.

James’s friend Kwese was 5 years old when sold into slavery; Kofi was 10, Mary was 8, Grace was 11.


Now, at 38 years old James and his organization Challenging Heights are rescuing children from slavery and attacking child rights issues at the source. Last year Challenging Heights provided support through its 8 programs to 1,640 children in 32 communities across Ghana. 111 of those children were rescued from slavery. In addition, 240 women received support to undertake various businesses to help support their children.

So I come back to the reason I am here. I am here to not only write this memoir but I am here to help tell the world about the issue of child slavery in Ghana. Once published, this book will raise funds for Challenging Heights so that children like James, Kwese, Kofi, Mary and Grace can not only be rescued but so children are no longer trafficked and abused. So children get the rights they deserve.


I have been offered full support by Challenging Heights to continue working on this book in Ghana but then I thought, if I take the financial offer, which program suffers? Which child is not rescued or what mother does not receive financial support for her family?

Here is where I need your help. In lieu of accepting the salary I have set a goal of raising $3,000 so that I may return to Ghana and use my writing skills to help Challenging Heights become more sustainable. Your donation will ensure they are able to continue rescuing children and continuing fighting for their rights.

In the words of James Kofi Annan, “If you want to do something for humanity, do it now.”

Please send me a reply email if you would like to make a donation or click this link

There is only a few days to donate and it would be incredible if I was able to make this happen for Challenging Heights.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Jacquelene Adam,  jacqueleneadam at yahoo dot com

Donate to Jacquelene’s Ghana project

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2 comments on “Global Ganeshers: Help Jacquelene fight child slavery in Ghana
  1. Ellinor says:

    Is the book ready? I would love to know more. I am researching for more information to help a child from Ghana to get asylum in another country.

  2. Kala says:

    Hope you were able to raise some funds, you know about the crowd sourcing sites too right that get a lot of traffic. Please do an update and blessings to you for the great work in the world.

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