Do I need to pre-register for classes? No, you don’t have to pre-register for most classes on our regular schedule but we recommend that you do so to assure a place in the class. Please note that you cannot register for a class unless you have created a profile which enters you into our system. You’re welcome to attend any classes that fit your level of ability. We are happy to recommend which classes might be best for you so please call us and we’ll be happy to help. Please note that if you have a Groupon or other Daily Deal voucher you will not be able to sign in online until you come to our studio and get registered.

Should I arrive early for my first class? Yes, it’s great if you can arrive at least 10 minutes before class begins. You’ll have time to complete registration, meet the teacher and get settled in. Please note that you will not be allowed to enter class if you are over 10 minutes late.  

What should I bring to class? Bring your yoga mat if you have one. If you don’t have one you may rent a studio mat for $2.00. You may also bring bottled water if you like or purchase one ($1) at the studio. The most important thing to bring is an open mind and an empty belly. If you need to eat just prior to class choose something light like a piece of fruit.

What should I wear to class? Wear anything that is comfortable enough to allow you to move freely. Please avoid baggy t-shirts as they usually end up getting in the way of your practice. Please do not wear any perfumes, colognes or scented lotions because many people are sensitive to fragrances.

Do I need to pre-register for workshops and special classes? Yes, in order to determine whether a workshop/special class will meet attendance requirements we require pre-registration for some events. Specific registration information for each workshop will be found with the workshop description on our website.

How do I schedule a private session? Please contact us and we will recommend a teacher for you.

Will I lose weight doing yoga? In most cases, yes you will. A regular asana/exercise practice along with a vegetarian diet and relaxation will definitely help you with your weight loss goals. Yoga is a more physical practice than most people imagine. You sweat a lot and you relax a lot both things help with losing weight.

Does yoga help with stress management? Yes, it most definitely helps with stress reduction through pranayama breathing, meditation and an asana/exercise program. Bringing awareness to your breathing is the key to calming the body and mind.

Are there health benefits to doing yoga? Yes, yoga enhances our lives both spiritually and physically. Holding asanas/postures for long periods of time helps to build stronger bones, helps with digestion and blood circulation. More and more doctors are recommending yoga as an alternative to the type of high impact exercise that is done in gyms. Yoga is the segue to more conscious living. Even football players are doing it these days because it helps with flexibility and building stronger muscles.

How do I get to YoGanesh? YoGanesh is conveniently located to nearly every subway and bus line! We are near the A, C, E, F, N, R, NJ Path train, & IRT #1 Subway lines. We are near the 28th St. 7th avenue bus and #1 IRT subway. We are also a stone’s throw from Penn Station (LIRR and other bus and train lines)-just 10 minutes away! No matter where you are, you can get here easily. We look forward to seeing you soon at YoGanesh!

There are tons of great restaurants in our Chelsea neighborhood. Take a yoga class at YoGanesh, and then have a great meal nearby! The incredibly beautiful and interesting Rubin Museum of Art at 150 W. 17th Street is also a great place to grab a bite after class. Make us a weekend destination-take a class-take a stroll on the Highline, visit one of the many art galleries and then go to brunch. What fun!! YoGanesh Logo DARK 320K

Who designed the red Yoganesh elephant logos? Yoganesh clear logo Namaste to Kristen Kendrick & Ahreum Han Tanner

Who designed this beautiful looking
YoGanesh website?
Karin Holmgren in 2012,   revised website (2014) was created by Adam Swed. Revised again by Lisa Zaccaria of The Branding Studio, July 2015.
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YoGanesh YoGa - in the heart of Chelsea

YoGanesh YoGa – in the heart of Chelsea