Birth of YoGanesh

The construction of YoGanesh was a labor of love. We spent endless hours repairing the damage that the previous tenant had inflicted on this beautiful space. The skylights were covered in tar, there was tons of garbage that had to be hauled out, the bathroom looked like a Third World nightmare, rotted, uneven floors, bars on the windows, the list goes on and on! These photos don’t even come close to the horrors! In the end we were able to achieve a a beautiful yoga sanctuary – an oasis of calm in this crazy, noisy city. The walls are especially clad in non-toxic, natural clay. We hope you will come by and share what we have created for you. Jai, Jai, Om Shanti! Scroll down and click on a photo to start the slideshow.



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YoGanesh YoGa - in the heart of Chelsea

YoGanesh YoGa – in the heart of Chelsea